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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Three weeks, a second degree burn, and Twitter

Simply elegant place setting at The Slanted Door, San Francisco
It’s good to be back.  Hopefully you didn’t notice I was gone.   Twenty-three days away from home, away from the kitchen, away from my morning beach walks, away from my bike and weights, away from the blog.  Well, not really away from the blog thanks to automated posting.  Plus, I logged in every day to read your comments and to reply to any direct email questions.  But this is the first new blog post I’ve written in almost a month.  I’ve missed it! 

I also missed cooking.  While on this trip, I helped cook some roasted veggies at a friend’s house in San Francisco (and gave myself a 2nd degree burn in the process), cooked a simple meal at my son’s apartment in Atlanta, and made him a microwaved egg white breakfast one morning (no injuries incurred).   And that was it for cooking.  Eating?  Oh, yes there was plenty of that.  Stay tuned.

Shrimp summer rolls from The Slanted Door
So, what did I do (you may be thinking since you’ve read this far)?  Mr. ELEB and I made a long overdue visit to see friends in the San Francisco Bay Area, spent a week in NY with some friends from Maui, visited family in Atlanta, and I attended the BlogHer Food meeting (food blogging conference) also being held in Atlanta.  I have tons of food related experiences to share with you!  We ate at some amazing restaurants in all three cities; visited places like the San Francisco Ferry Building (where all of today's photos were shot), a Penzy's Spice retail store, Eataly in NY, and the Sweet Auburn Curb Market in Atlanta; and took a food and cultural tour in Chelsea (NY).
It really feels good to be typing away in a blog post again.  My head is spinning a bit trying to decide where to start.  How about here?  In the context of the
blogging meeting:   I’ve joined Twitter. 

I sat in on a session devoted to Social Media and felt like the dinosaur in the room as it seemed every food blogger there was well versed on Twitter use for their blog.  I started a Facebook page as soon as I started the blog (that gave me some consolation that I wasn’t a total dinosaur.)  Many of you follow Eat Little, Eat Big there so thank you!  But, Twitter was something I thought was mostly irrelevant for a food blogger.  However, the enthusiasm and conviction of presenters and attendees convinced me to start tweeting. 

If you're on Twitter, you can follow me @susiebeeonmaui (there is a button in the right margin of this page).  I don’t plan to tweet every blog post-you can find those here via RSS or Facebook, but I will tweet about some of them.  Right now, I’m tweeting my ‘140 character’ personal thoughts as well as sharing things I come across that I think my followers might be interested in reading.  Let me know how you think I should use Twitter in the comment section below (or on Twitter!).

I hope you are enjoying the photos taken at the San Francisco Ferry Building.  If you visit SF, you should definitely schedule an afternoon there.  Great places to eat (we ate at The Slanted Door), amazing booths and shops of everything from pork products to olive oil to cupcakes and donuts (of course, you can’t go anywhere these days without finding a cupcake stand!), and a fabulous wine bar are just a few of the things you’ll experience.

It’s good to be back!
At Sur La Table, SF Ferry Building