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Monday, May 23, 2011

Recipe for Quick Asparagus Soup

Asparagus...I always feel a little guilty throwing away the stems after I trim them.  I give them a pretty severe chop because I really only like the tops of the asparagus, not the stems.  So I was very happy to find this idea over at Green Lite Bites.  Roni always has some good ideas on her blog and this one is a winner!  Guilt assuaged. 

I’m delighted to now have a wonderful way to use up those stems-a delicious and quick asparagus soup.  Really filling and very low calorie.

Makes 2 servings, each approximately 78 calories, 2 grams fat, 11 grams carbs, 3 grams fiber, 4.5 grams protein, 2 WW Points+


2 cups of chopped asparagus stems, woody parts trimmed off
3 cups of vegetable broth
Salt and pepper to taste (I used a lot of fresh ground pepper)
1 tsp cream (optional but makes it really good)
1 ½ TBSP freshly grated Parmesan cheese


Put asparagus, broth, salt and pepper in a pot over med-high heat.  Bring to a boil, turn heat down and simmer for 20 minutes or until asparagus is very tender.  Remove from heat and let cool a few minutes.   Blend with immersion blender until smooth adding more broth if needed.  Stir in cream and serve topped with grated Parmesan.

Next …I want to try the same thing with broccoli stems!  What do you do with your veggie trimmings?  Stock, compost...?

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