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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Recipe for Newman's Own Caesar Veggie Wraps-my first video recipe

As a Foodbuzz Featured Publisher, I received a Care Package from the Newman's Own Company that included a Flip HD video camera.  In return, I was to prepare a video of a quick meal (about 30 minutes) using some of the products.  I really wanted to make portabella fajitas with some of their lime marinade, but alas, none in my package, and I couldn't find any here on Maui either.

However, I did put together a super easy recipe for Caesar Veggie Wraps and they are really good.  While the video is sponsored by Newman's, the recipe and opinions are mine.

They wanted us to be "edgy" and "funny" in the video.  Ok, I'm not really either but I was able to have a good laugh at myself while making the video.  Take a peek!  (Oh, don't you just hate how you look and sound on video?)

Caesar Veggie Wraps

Hopefully you're chuckling with me (as opposed to at me!).