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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Recipe for Olive and Feta Turkey Burgers

Last year, I made some Greek salad bison burgers that turned out great.  This recipe is similar but made with lean ground turkey.  These also turned out "really tasty" according to Mr. ELEB.  I would agree!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Recipe for Dutch Crunch-Daring Bakers

When I worked in San Francisco, our cafeteria had the best Dutch crunch rolls for sandwiches.  I never really thought about how the topping was made until this month's Daring Bakers Challenge. Sara and Erica of Baking JDs were our March 2012 Daring Baker hostesses! Sara & Erica challenged us to make Dutch Crunch bread, a delicious sandwich bread with a unique, crunchy topping. Sara and Erica also challenged us to create a one of a kind sandwich with our bread!

Sara and Erica told us "Technically, Dutch Crunch doesn’t refer to the type of bread, but rather the topping that is spread over the bread before baking. In Dutch it’s called Tijgerbrood or “tiger bread” after the tiger-like shell on the bread when it comes out of the oven. The final product has a delightful sweet crunch to it that makes it perfect for a sandwich roll. It’s a common option at sandwich shops all over the Bay Area and is often one of the first breads to run out."

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Recipe for Onion and Toasted Pine Nut Olive Oil Tart

This is based on my friend Jeri's Olive Oil Onion Tart which is made with caramelized onions, olives, an amazing olive oil crust, and is delicious.  I was serving a Greek salad so had enough olives going on.  Instead I used Jeri's basic tart recipe, omitting the olives and adding toasted pine nuts instead.  It turned out very nicely. The slowly cooked onions, the great flaky crust, and the earthy tones from the fresh thyme made this a hit.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Recipe for Coriander and Paprika Rubbed Pork Tenderloin

Hopefully it is getting close to grilling out weather where you are.  Don't hate me...we are fortunate to be able to grill out year round here and one of our favorites is pork tenderloin on the grill.  I'll often just pull a bunch of herbs or spices out of the fridge or cupboard, mix them up, rub the tenderloin down and then Mr. ELEB works his magic on the grill.  Such is the story for this recipe.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Recipe for Braised Scallops-Daring Cooks

The March, 2012 Daring Cooks’ Challenge was hosted by Carol, a/k/a Poisonive – and she challenged us all to learn the art of Braising! Carol focused on Michael Ruhlman’s technique and shared with us some of his expertise from his book “Ruhlman’s Twenty”.  While braising is often thought of when using less than tender cuts of beef, I went a different path and created a recipe for braised scallops.

Carol tells us that "Braising, from the French “braiser”, offers us a combination cooking method – dry heat followed by moist heat. Typically, meat is seared in hot fat which helps to add flavor and aromas, improves color (browning), and texture (crust). It is then submerged in liquid and cooked slowly and gently at low heat."

Monday, March 12, 2012

Recipe for Egg White Breakfast

I have some version of an egg white breakfast treat about five mornings a week.  They are so easy to make (2 minutes in the microwave) and very portable if you want something for on the go.  With a slice of homemade multi-grain bread, this low calorie, low fat breakfast can carry me to lunch time.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Recipe for Thai Shrimp and Veggie Curry

The photo doesn't do this meal justice!  I probably should have worked on the composition a bit more and taken a few other shots but after tasting the curry sauce, I was in a hurry to eat!  So, don't hold the poor quality photo against this recipe-it's a keeper.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Recipe for Moussaka-Secret Recipe Club

Moussaka-something I love ordering in restaurants but have failed miserably the few times I've tried to make it. Not this time!  Thanks to Evelyne at Cheap Ethnic Eatz, I now have a great recipe.  Evelyne's blog was my March Secret Recipe Club assignment.  It is a nice experience each month to really spend some dedicated time on a fellow bloggers site.  You can read more and see all of this months recipes on the Secret Recipe Club site.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Recipe for Microwaved Acorn Squash

How would you like to have a healthy and tasty vegetable dish on the table in under 20 minutes of almost no hands-on time and with only 4 ingredients (plus salt and pepper)?  Oh, and no need to heat up the kitchen because it's cooked in the microwave.