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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Recipe for Greek Salad Bison Burgers

Beautiful Grill Work Courtesy of Mr. ELEB!

Earlier this week, I shared the story of how the Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken recipe came about.  Today's recipe resulted from my plan to make bison burgers and Greek salad for dinner.  However, I overheard a couple of acquaintances discussing lamb burgers made with olives and feta, how good they were etc, etc.  Mr. ELEB really likes Greek Salad and so do I.  What’s not to like?  Fresh veggies, good fat, tangy flavors…    I started thinking; why not just put the whole Greek salad in/on the burger?  So, that’s just what I did!

Ingredients for the burgers; makes 5 hearty servings

1 ½  lb lean (less than 10% fat) ground bison
16 kalamata olives, diced
2/3 cup feta cheese crumbled
2  tsp dried oregano (I'd add more next time)
½  cup red onion, finely diced
½  tsp garlic powder
Freshly grated black pepper

Tomato slices
Whole grain buns

Ingredients for Cucumber Salad
Finely sliced cucumber, about 1 ½ cups
1 ½ TBSP plain non-fat Greek yogurt
1 tsp Dried oregano
1 tsp No Salt Seasoning (mixed herbs and spices)
Zest from ½ large lemon
Juice from ½ large lemon juice

Mix burger ingredients together and make 5 patties; try not to overhandle the meat. 

Grill the burgers over high direct heat for 2 minutes then over medium direct for an additional 6 (for medium) to 8 minutes (medium-well).  While burgers are grilling mix cucumbers slices with other salad ingredients and set aside.

Let burgers rest for a couple of minutes.  Top burger with tomato slices and cucumber salad.

What's inspiring your recipe creations?

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