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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Weekly Wrap

Ah, the end of the first "real" week of the year.  My focus this week was aimed at getting back on track eating healthy most of the time and having the "big eats" as occasional treats.  Here's the week's line up plus some things I noted on other places on the web.

Monday-a way to lighten up lunches and up the veggie quotient.

Veggie and Hummus Sammies

Tuesday-an unusual (for me) hummus recipe-Delicious!

Black Eyed Pea Hummus

Wednesday-a wonderfully flavorful lentil recipe (and my 100th post!!)

Bacon and Cumin Lentils

Thursday-a yummy cheesy casserole, 300 calories.

Turkey Broccoli Bake

I liked this "primer" from the Whole Foods Blog about cooking with whole grains. 

The Food Network (of all places) had a review of the latest research about diets.

A couple of veggie recipes I noted:
A veggie empanada from the NY Times.
Roasted brussel sprouts from Jaime Cooks. (I am going to try brussel sprouts, I am, I am...)

I'm excited that I'll be attending the BlogHer Food 2011 food blogging conference in Atlanta!

Hope you had a successful week!