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Monday, January 17, 2011

Dont' Throw Out Those Brown Bananas!!

When my Mom was growing up in England, the war was winding down but the impact on working class folks was still huge.  She has described how food was rationed and the many things they couldn’t get.  Fresh fruit was one of those things.

When they finally could get fresh bananas, she asked her father what the brown bits were in the middle and he said “flies wings”.  She didn’t eat bananas until she was grown!

Now me, I’ve always loved bananas but not when they turn the least bit brown on the outside (I just assume they’ll be mushy on the inside-ick!). To avoid wasting food, I generally have a stash of brown bananas in my freezer like this.

I mostly use them in smoothies but they also are great for banana bread.

When you are ready to use, pull one out, cut it into pieces (I find them easier to peel this way than whole), peel them and pop them in the blender.
They make smoothies nice and creamy!

What's lurking in your freezer?