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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Black and White Wednesday and One Year Blogiversary!

Little Pots of Olive Oil

It is hard to believe, or maybe not, that on August 31, 2010 I published my first blog post.  I started this blog as a creative outlet, a way to share recipes with family and friends, to share vacation food experiences, and as an impetus to work on my photography skills.

During this year I've published 263 posts; tried a bunch of new recipes from other bloggers, cookbooks, recipe sites, and magazines; improved the quality of the photos somewhat  (but not as I had hoped); and met (either on line or in person) some great people who are also interested in food, recipes, and blogging.  I've entered and won some contests, placed in the finals of others, published a recipe in a magazine, attended a blogging conference, joined Twitter, created a Facebook page for Eat Little, Eat Big, written a couple of cookbook reviews, participated in new product marketing and blogged about the products, and created some of my own new recipes.  

Starting with my hubby, Mom and kids as my followers, the blog now has 62 followers via Google, 110 via Facebook, and 417 via Foodbuzz-with some duplication between the groups.  I have a "blogging buddy"-mutual online support and encouragement-thanks Steph!

I've participated in a few blog hops and on line culinary photography events.  I've submitted images to some "food porn" sites-and yet to have any accepted!  Oh, not true.  The site that takes all the rejected stuff from the other sites accepts everything I send!

I've tried publishing Monday through Thursday, Monday-Wednesday-Friday, and various other permutations.  I've done photo Friday-my "Picture This" postings where I had planned to really work on the photography skills, but didn't!  Right now I'm enjoying these Black and White Wednesdays postings.

For a while I was sharing what I was finding on other blogs and on the internet once a week with you but haven't done that lately.  I do enjoy that feature on other people's sites-I mean the internet is sooooo big, we can't find all the good stuff on our own, right?  So look for that feature to return this fall.

It's been a fun year.  I'm still enjoying blogging.  I like the progress I've made this year with Eat Little, Eat Big and hope to progress further in the upcoming year.  Thanks for tuning in!  If you have suggestions, constructive criticism, or ideas for this year feel free to share them in the comments.

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