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Friday, August 26, 2011

A Trip to Eataly

We were very fortunate earlier this year to take a trip to San Francisco, New York and Atlanta.  San Francisco to see friends and visit some of the old 'hood, New York to explore with friends from Maui who were also in the city, and Atlanta to see family and attend a blogging conference.  We had some amazing food experiences along the way, one of which I want to share with you today.  A trip to Eataly.

Although Mario Batalli and Joe and Lydia Bastianich are the names most closely linked with Eataly, the creator was Mr. Oscar Farinetti.  Located on 5th Avenue in New York, Eataly is a "must do" for any foodie, whether to shop 'til you drop, eat 'til you can eat no more, or just wander around and enjoy the scenery.  We did all three.

There is every kind of foodstuff imaginable-fresh produce, pastries, meat, seafood, cheese, olive oils, jams and honeys, bread, pasta-both fresh and dried, and on and on and on!  There are cookbooks, beer and wine, coffees, and housewares. You can get take out for today's lunch, eat in one of the many restaurants, or shop for home cooking.  There is truly something for everyone and every event!  Mrs. Bastianich conducts cooking lessons at the on-site cooking school.

Words cannot do this place justice so I'll be quiet now and share some of my photos from our visit.  And, if you are in the area, really you must go.   Note to my blogger friend who lives in the area and hasn't gone yet-"really, you  must go!"

Fresh fish.
Looked amazing!

Don't feel like fish, how about some meat?

Beautiful fresh produce.

Fresh pasta.

Italian Ham.

More pork!

Take home chicken.  I wish this was scratch and sniff-the aroma was delightful!

Or perhaps scratch and sniff here?

More cheese!  Yes, please.

Beautiful breads.

One of my take home items, perhaps the best bread I ever ate or a tie with
Tartine's bread (San Francisco)

Lunch-mint and pea ravioli with fava beans. Incredibly simple and tasty.

Another lunch item-vegetarian lasagna.

Something sweet perhaps?

Oh my!

Would you like a closer look at that?

Walls of olive oil.

Shelves of jam, honey, curd.

Dried pasta, every variety.

Retail therapy.

Our post shopping dessert-tiramisu for Mr. ELEB, cannoli for me.

The most beautiful cappuccino!

Amen to that!  (Eataly tee shirt)
Hope you enjoyed that little tour.  I barely scratched the surface so like I said earlier, if you are in the area you should stop by!