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Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Sweet Auburn Curb Market, Atlanta, Georgia

Pulled pork taco and barbeque chicken taco from the Sweet Auburn Barbeque food truck, mmm mmm good! 

I took a couple of days out of this recent trip to attend my first blogging conference.  It was in Atlanta where my kids live.  I hated to give up two days of our time there to go to a conference but they were at work anyway.   So while Mr. ELEB amused himself at the golf course and the symphony, I learned more about the blogging world at BlogHer Food, 2011.

I might do a summary of the conference in another post (although alot of bloggers have already summarized the conference nicely, so ...) but today I wanted to share with you my visit to the Sweet Auburn Curb Market in downtown Atlanta.  It was a planned field trip, part of the conference.  It was nice to get out of the hotel for a few hours.

The market started in 1923 and has served as a major retail outlet for fresh produce since then.  During the depression in the 1930's and WW II in the '40s, the market was the largest facility handling fresh fish, meat, processed food, fruits and vegetables.  The market was renovated in 1974 and most recently in 1995.

It's a real market, with "real" people and a wide and varied assortment of produce, meat, prepared foods and "oddities".  If you ever have an afternoon in Atlanta, I highly recommend a visit.  It is downtown on Edgewood Avenue.

First thing when we arrived, I made a bee line for the Food Truck.  The smoky aroma that was wafting around was callin' to me!

I'm glad I got there when I did, because with our mob of people, the food started running out.  Southerners are proud of their barbeque, and these guys have good reason to be proud!

I had a moment of nostalgia of years long gone; I looked up from my lunch and saw the fascade of Grady Memorial Hospital, where I had one of my first paying jobs as a student nurse (several careers ago!).  I worked 3-11pm in the Neonatal ICU and was scared silly every minute I was there.  Tiny babies, so sick.  When I graduated, I worked in ICU but always with adults.

There were some awesome looking produce and prepared food in the market.  Enjoy the photo show!