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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Buffalo Burgers with Blue Cheese, Avocado and Scallions

Buffalo (Bison) is a lean red meat that is flavorful, not gamey, and makes delicious burgers. A great source for high quality grass fed Bison is Wild Idea Buffalo.   Their site has good nutritional information and an interesting review of the the history of Bison.

Buffalo can be a bit dry as it is so lean. Adding in a source of fat, preferably healthy fat like olive oil, avocado etc, will ensure good tasty, moist burgers. I just pulled out what I had in the fridge-some scallion, avocado and blue cheese-and whipped up some quick, mid-week burgers.

Buffalo Burgers with Blue Cheese, Avocado and Scallions; makes four 4 oz patties
Approximately 257 cal, 0.75 grams carbs, 15.5 grams fat, 27 grams protein per patty

1 lb ground Buffalo 10% fat or less
2 oz blue cheese (I used gorgonzola dolce)
1 ½ TBSP very ripe avocado
½ cup finely chopped scallion (light green and white parts)
Cooking spray
Combine all ingredients except pepper and cooking spray. Form into four 4 oz patties. Top with pepper and spritz lightly with cooking spray.

Grill on Medium high, direct heat for 5-7 minutes (medium-medium well done). Let rest for a few minutes before serving.

Enjoy! You can substitute goat cheese or feta cheese; or mix in a TBSP of olive oil and then top with cheddar or Swiss.


  1. We love Wild Idea Buffalo Burgers that are available via bulk ground buffalo, or 3- or 4-pre-formed patties to the pound. I have found that if you time the defrosting so that they are not quite thawed, they cook in 2 minutes per side on the grill (for medium rare)and are moist and juicy--no need to add extra fat. But it would be hard for me to resist any burger with both avocado + blue cheese!

  2. @Brit-Amen to that-it is a great combo! I'm thinking next time of leaving out the scallions and topping with caramelized onions...heaven!