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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Missing In Action

Aloha everyone,
I'm back.  Sort of.  I've been MIA since the end of May.  Normally when we travel, I still post what I'm cooking (if we're staying in someone's house or a rental with a kitchen) or what we're eating when out at restaurants. June and July have been exceptionally hectic and I've been focused on a couple of family issues on the mainland that have left me with little time or energy to devote to the blog.

Fortunately, one of these is just about resolved and I'm hoping the other is headed that way.  My Mom has been very sick-2 major surgeries in the past six weeks.  I'm back home in Georgia and have been helping her to recuperate.  There are some ongoing issues, but I'm hopeful she is beginning to make progress.  I'm scheduled to go back to Maui next week, fingers crossed things continue to go well.

I'll have a lot of catching up to do so my posting will be spotty for now.  I hope to be back to a more regular schedule in the near future.  Thanks for staying tuned!

Tomorrow is Secret Recipe Reveal Day and I will have a post!