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Monday, January 2, 2012

Top Recipes of 2011

#1 Healthy Egg White Breakfast Treat; #2 Lemon Parmesan Pork; #3 Slow Cooker Pork Verde; #4 Cheesy Penne Pasta Bake

Welcome to 2012!  I hope you had a safe and Happy New Year.  

I often get asked "what are the most popular recipes on your blog?".  Good question-I went back through 2011 and looked at the posts garnering the most page views, shown in the collage above.  Does that mean these are my best recipes from 2011? 

I eat microwaved egg white treats most mornings-I love them, so that one is definitely a "best" in my book. The Parmesan pork was good but needed some improvements, so not one of my bests but a good recipe.  The slow cooker pork was one of my favorites made in the slow cooker this year.  The penne pasta dish was one of my Secret Recipe Club posts-I loved it but it isn't my "best" pasta dish.

It is interesting (to me at least) that in 2010 like 2011, my top post was also a breakfast item (Easy Make-Ahead Breakfast Quiche) and the next one was also! (Overnight Oatmeal).  This tells me that a lot of people are looking for healthy breakfast ideas.

Were there other recipes on the blog in 2011 that were my favorites?  Why, yes, thanks for asking!

My Blue Cheese, Pistachio, and Cranberry Turkey Burgers were fantastic.

High on my list of veggie favorites (and close to the top in page views from you readers) was Cauli-kale Surprise

I explored a lot of Indian flavors in 2011 and loved this recipe for Chai Concentrate.

And, I think the recipe I have cooked more than any other this year (besides bread) is Not Just For Special Occasion Roasted Chicken.

So here's to another year-hope it will be kind and generous to you.  Thanks for reading!

Links to "top rated" recipes for 2011:
Microwaved Egg White Breakfast Treat

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