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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Weekly Wrap

Aloha y'all,
The Weekly Wrap is tardy today because we went to see Sir Elton John play last night.   The concert was really good-Sir Elton is such a talented pianist and even though the pipes may be a bit crusty and not have the range they once had, he can still belt it out (think "Saturday, Saturday, Saturday nights all right" and "Buh Buh Bennie and the Jets").  The venue here on Maui is a small amphitheater with great acoustics where every seat has a good view and the big screens let you feel as if you were up on stage with the band.

It is nice not to have to go to Honolulu for world class performances!
Monday-a just okay steak kebab recipe.

Tuesday-one of our favorite salads.

Wednesday-another favorite, this time for the grill.

Thursday-I got over my aversion to Brussels sprouts.

I didn't get alot of reading time this week but I did mark this article from Eating Made Easy to go back and read: The Omnivore's Guide to Eating the Colors of the Rainbow

And I noted with interest the newest cruise offering from Oceania:
Hope the remainder of your weekend is enjoyable!  See you next week.