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Monday, December 10, 2012

Featured Favorite

You know those days?  The ones where you have good intentions but get derailed by either how busy you are, how good your book and the couch are working for you, or the lack of what you need at the store?  Here's one of my favorites for those situations...

Dorots.  Frozen chopped herbs (and there is also garlic and ginger which I haven't used) in 1 tsp. servings. Lifesavers when you don't have the fresh stuff available for whatever reason (and no judgement from me if the reason is the book and the couch!).  

They're not perfect-won't work for caprese salad for example (but I have something that works there which I'll share another time).  And I wish the ingredient list didn't include dextrose and corn starch, but I'm guessing the small amounts are needed for longevity and freezability?  

Anyway, they work SOOOO very well for things like stirring in to soups, casseroles, or in this instance, spaghetti sauce I had made a few weeks ago and put up in the freezer.  I had good intentions of going to the store for some fresh basil and a bunch of other stuff we needed after getting home from our Thanksgiving trip.  Didn't make it.  However, a last minute stir in of two little Dorot cubes of basil took the sauce from good to great.

Look in the freezer section at your grocery store...fresh is (almost) always best, but these are a great tool to have on hand.  (This post in not sponsored by Dorot).